My Classroom

I wanted to post some pictures from my classroom. As you can see my bulldog, Bentley, plays an important role in my 5th grade classroom. He accompanies me to school on a regular basis and absolutely loves being there. The students love having him in the room will do just about anything to be able to hold his leash in the hallway. He has a calming effect on the students and I rarely have discipline issues when he is there. He is a great listener and helps immensely with students who have behavioral issues. You wouldn't believe how quickly a challenging student's behavior changes when they find out that a change in attitude will result in some Bentley time.

Here is Bentley learning about the Constitution of the United States.
Bentley listens intently as one of my reluctant reader reads aloud to him.
Bentley waits patiently while one of his favorite buddies finishes a computer program.
A t-tuckered out Bentley snoozes beneath one of his buddy's desk.

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