Monday, May 29, 2017

The Summer of CKLA

It's not even the end of May and I am already getting ready for my new class in the fall. Last year was a learning year for the teachers in my district because of adopting CKLA as the reading curriculum. Implementing the new curriculum wasn't easy, there are so many things to like and dislike about this program, but my fellow teachers and I got through it. This year is going to be sooo much easier and I am looking forward to using the materials that I have created to supplement the program.

The first Core Knowledge Language Arts unit for third grade doesn't have a spelling component so I created one using the review words from the lessons. There are two lists for each week, one has 10 words and the other has 20 words. The daily worksheets can be done either in the classroom as a group or can be used for homework.

I hope you and your students find this unit helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions drop me a email.

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